VersaDrive® TCT HoleCutters

VersaDrive® TCT HoleCutters offer a fast, efficient and cost effective holemaking solution that outperform and outlast traditional HSS holesaws by up to 10 times!

Highly versatile and perfect for heavy duty applications VersaDrive® HoleCutters are compatible with the VersaDrive® system of extensions and adapters and feature cutting teeth manufactured from premium-grade Tungsten Carbide, one of the strongest materials for cutting tools. This ensures the highest levels of performance and durability, with faster cuts and increased life spans.

A complete hole cutting solution, the range offers Standard HoleCutters alongside product innovations like SuperLong HoleCutters & Rebar Cutters.

The HoleCutter Range

VersaDrive™ HoleCutter

VersaDrive® HoleCutter

SuperLong HoleCutter

SuperLong HoleCutter

Rebar HoleCutter

Rebar HoleCutter

HoleCutter with HSS MultiSink

HoleCutter with HSS MultiSink

HoleCutter with TCT MultiSink

HoleCutter with TCT MultiSink

HoleCutter upgrade

HoleCutter Upgrade Kit


Many steel erectors and fabricators tell us that they are able to replace heavy and awkward magnetic drills with a standard cordless drill fitted with a VersaDrive® hole cutter.

This means:

  • No risk of a heavy magnet drill falling from height
  • Quick to position and drill
  • Carry less equipment

TCT HoleCutter

VersaDrive™ TCT HoleCutter


VersaDrive® Hex shank fits all standard drill chucks, Rapid-lock adapters and extension arbors, offering the greatest flexibility & applications from a single tool.


Premium grade Sandvik Tungsten carbide teeth for the highest performance cutting & 10x greater life than standard holesaws.


Centers and stabilises cutter during drilling & ejects metal slug upon completion

1 HoleCutter / 3 Solutions

HoleCutter Rapid Lock

Heavy-Duty HoleCutter

For use in many construction materials, especially structural steel.

HoleCutter Broaching

Broach Cutter

Quickly adapted to become a magnet drill broach cutter.*

HoleCutter MultiSink


Quickly adapted to become a broaching cutter for the Multisink system.*

*When using with a magnet drill adapter or MultiSink tool replace supplied pilot drill with 101030P-0003 ejector pin

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