Mag Drills


The HMT range of magnetic drills, more commonly known as mag drills have been carefully developed to optimise the effectiveness of our mag drill bits and your cutting experience. HMT has received many patents for revolutionary technologies in mag drills which will continue to evolve.

Please contact us for more information or technical support about our range of magnetic drills and other metal cutting tools.

HMT Max-30 Tube Pipe Clamp Mag Drill (List £1365, save £270 now)
The Max-30 Tube is a completely unique Mag Drill in that the the magnets do not require electrici...
HMT Max-55A Automatic Feed Mag Drill (List £1595, save £330 now)
A revolutionary auto feed Mag drill which reduces labour cost whilst maximising Magnetic Drill an...
HMT Max-30 Magnetic Drill
HMT Max-30 Magnetic Drill Sale
£339.00 £433.00
At just 8.5kg, the Max-30 is the lightest magnetic drill available and probably the most compact....
The Ultimate Magnetic Drill for the largest possible broaching, drilling and Countersinking tasks...
HMT Max-55T Tapping Mag Drill (List £1065, save £236 now)
The HMT Max-55T Mag drill is a Heavy duty new mid-range machine suitable for heavy drilling, tapp...
HMT Max-40 Magnetic Drill (list £669)
The HMT Max-40 is one of the most versatile Magnetic drills of its class in the market for speed,...
HMT Max-50 Mag Drill (List £779, save £180 now)
The HMT Max-50 is a perfect two speed magnetic drill machine for demanding site or workshop use w...
Max RTA-45 Low Profile Mag Drill (List £1319, save £323 now)
An incredible new tight access mag drill which is both the smallest magnetic drill machine of its...
HMT Max-50T Tapping Mag Drill, (List £979)
The HMT Max-50T is a mag drill with exceptional characteristics. All day broaching capability up ...
Mat-100 Tapping Magnetic Drill (List £1395)
The Max-100 provides virtually all the performance you will ever need in a magnetic drill with an...
HMT Max-55 Magnetic Drill (List £989, save £230 now)
The HMT Max-55 Magnetic drill is a Heavy duty new mid-range machine suitable for heavy broaching ...
HMT Max-140T Tapping Mag Drill (List £3995, save £650 now)
This ultimate heavy duty mag drill is the high power portable magnetic drill machine for the heav...
AirMax 52 Pneumatic Drill
The AIR.52/3 Pneumatic Drill is meant for metal working in hazardous areas such as the offshore a...
HMT Max-36C Cordless Magnetic Drill Machine
This innovative Cordless Magnetic drill machine gives a whole new dimension to the possibilities ...
HMT Max-32T Magnetic Drill (List £665 Save £166 Now)
Lightweight versatile Magnet Drill with variable speed adjustment and forward/reverse motor suita...

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