HMT Magnet Drills


The new HMT range of magnet drills has been carefully crafted to offer a market leading premium range of Magnet drills for 2018.

Performance has been carefully matched to portability requirements, while offering maximum flexibility for a wide range of tooling to be used. Motor and Magnet capacity has been optimised for the most effective tooling.

When combined with the CarbideMax and VersaDrive tooling range, HMT’s magnet drills offer a unique package of productivity for the metalworker needing portable tooling solutions for large scale metalworking, either on site or in the fabrication workshop.

HMT MAX30 Magnetic Drill
£339.00 £519.00
At just 8.5kg, the Max-30 is the lightest magnetic drill available and probably the most compact....
HMT MAX40 Magnetic Drill
£419.00 £612.00
The new MAX40 magnet drill is a robust yet portable unit, with a powerful motor for constant sing...
HMT MAX50T Tapping Mag Drill
£729.00 £1,062.00
The MAX50T is a unit with exceptional characteristics, blending light weight portability with pow...
HMT MAX100T Tapping Magnetic Drill
£1,089.00 £1,478.00
The MAX100T is a robust and heavy duty unit, with virtually all the performance you will ever nee...
HMT RTA40 Low Profile Magnet Drill
HMT RTA40 Low Profile Magnet Drill Sale
£649.00 £829.00
The new HMT RTA40 is a low profile Magnet drill for tight access applications, being designed to ...
HMT VSD650 Heavy Duty Impact Wrench Kit - 1/2" 20V Li-ion [Winter Offer)
£295.00 £495.00
The all-new HMT VSD650 1/2" Cordless Impact Wrench Kit has been optimised to be way more than jus...

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