The unique range of adapters for the VersaDrive cutting tools are what makes this range so special. A small range of cutting tools becomes a huge store of solutions when you can quickly switch between different metalworking machines and powertools to get the job done faster 


VersaDrive™ Quick Change Impact Wrench Adapters
High-quality impact rated adapters.  Quick release action for ultimate convenience. Supplied with...
VersaDrive™ 1/4" Drive Hex Shank Impact Driver Adapter
High quality 1/4" impact driver adapter for use with all standard 1/4" drive impact wrenches. Con...
VersaDrive™ Weldon Magnet Drill Adapter
Fits into any standard Magnet Drill Arbor Hard wearing Stainless Steel grub screws located at 3 p...
Hole Saw Arbor - VersaDrive™ 300mm Extension
The VersaDrive extension hole saw arbor is a unique power tool accessory for portable power tools...
VersaDrive™ SDS+ Adapter
The VersaDrive SDS+ adapter is a unique accessory that enables the whole range of VersaDrive cutt...
The MultiSink™ Combination Countersink Tool
The MultiSink™ is a worldwide unique new Combination Countersink Tool designed and developed by H...
111040 VersaDrive™ Morse Taper Arbor Adapter
Fits into any standard Morse Taper 2 or Morse Taper 3 Drill Sleeve. Ideal for use with Radial arm...

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