CarbideMax® Ultra

CarbideMax Ultra cutters are specifically designed for the toughest broaching jobs on the planet, including Hardox steel.

HMT have developed a generation of ULTRA cutting tools for drilling very hard materials.

The specialist ULTRA coating is proven to significantly increase tool life working with extremely hard materials and wear plates such as Hardox. Ultra Cutters can also be used to increase service life in other challenging materials such as Armor plates, Inconel, Stainless Steel etc.

CarbideMax Ultra Tools are produced from premium grade materials and coated using a range of state of the art, high-temperature surface coatings.

CarbideMax ULTRA Benefits

  • Increased wear resistance in the hardest materials – in excess of 9x longer service life in some cases
  • Produced from premium grade materials
  • State of the art, high temperature ULTRA Power-Nitride surface coating
  • Standard 19.05mm Weldon shank
  • Use with Hardox
  • Use with Armor Plate
  • Use with Inconel & Stainless Steel

Please Note: It should be understood that drilling holes in these very hard materials is a specialist task and good results are dependent on the right setup - including high torque/slow speed, geared Magnet Drills, like the VersaDrive® Series and ample BioCut Blue lubricant.

Using the incorrect Magnet drill or a poorly maintained Magnet drill with unstable drilling operation, poor magnet hold and excessive pressure or inadequate lubrication is likely to result in rapid tool failure.

It should be understood that even with high tech tooling, successfully machining wear plates is challenging with little or no margin for error. It requires experienced operators, quality, premium Magnetic Drills suitable for these applications, and the specially developed BioCut Blue cutting fluid when broaching or Speedlube Aerosol spray when countersinking.

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CarbideMax Ultra cutters are specifically designed for long-life performance in the toughest br...
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