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Initially working in a small family-run welding & engineering supplies business we received a stream of requests for specialist metal drilling tools that didn't exist no matter where we looked.

As we investigated further we discovered that drilling or modifying steel connection holes when limited to the use of portable or hand-held tools seemed to be the biggest pain point in the industry. These challenges would often contribute to missed deadlines and painful project over-runs. If specifications changed at the last minute, fabrication errors were made or emergency repairs were needed, the tools needed to get the job done quickly just didn’t exist in the marketplace.

The industry needed a solution so in response we formed Holemaker Technology with one aim in mind: To speed up metalworking through cutting tool innovation.
Combining our pioneering, impact rated and now patented VersaDrive system with the latest generation of high-torque cordless power tools has created a revolutionary level of drilling speed & performance, never before possible with portable tools.

9 years, around 750,000 tools and a patent or two later, these game-changing products are now sold widely in over 50 countries around the world.
There is a long way still to go and we invite you to join our journey and help us continue to improve and speed up metalworking.

Hugh Crane

Hugh Crane

Director at Holemaker Technology

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Piers Crane  - Director at Holemaker Technology

Piers Crane

Director at Holemaker Technology

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More about The 5 HMT Values:

HMT Innovative cutting tools


  • We find new ways of to save time, add value and solve problems; day to day within the business as well as within our target marketplace of fabrication, engineering and maintenance

HMT Specialist cutting tools


  • We have a laser-like focus on cutting tool innovation for metalworkers which will allow us to dominate this niche market.
  • We only produce product that is clearly superior to what exists in the marketplace already.

HMT Optimise your cutting tools


  • We believe in efficiency, and we never stop improving – in every area we keep striving to become more effective and moving to the next level
  • We help our customers to get best results with our products.
  • Attention to detail – little things matter
  • We believe in clear goals, targets and weekly reporting

HMT Agile cutting tools

Be Agile

  • We recognise the world is changing fast and new challenges and opportunities are constantly emerging. We embrace this and turn it to advantage.
  • We move faster than our competition
  • We embrace a spirit of urgency – Speed wins and gets things done

HMT Foster Relationships with Customers and Dealers

Be Nice

  • We aspire to be a partner who our staff and customers and suppliers and stakeholders enjoy working with.
  • A spirit of optimism – we solve problems and get things done.
  • Integrity – we do the right thing and we do what we say.
  • Teamwork – we support, follow-up, and provide feedback to one another
  • We work hard to stay connected and communicate well
  • We help each other learn and grow and get ahead

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