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Holemaker Technology was founded in late 2013 by 2 brothers, Piers and Hugh Crane. Drawing from a combined 18 years of experience, we saw the gap in the marketplace for a specialised company to help the metalworking market save time and money, by speeding up the essential everyday task of creating and modifying the holes that connect metal components. This has led to the unique patent-pending product range you now see on this website.

  • HMT Mission: to speed up metalworking through cutting tool innovation.
  • HMT Vision: to be the leading brand of fabricators cutting tools.
  • The 5 HMT Values: innovate, specialise, optimise, be agile and, be nice.

Based in Kent, UK, and working with a network of high-quality dealers at home and abroad, HMT has rapidly become the UK's largest manufacturer of specialist fabricators cutting tools.

Hugh Crane 

Hugh Crane

Director at Holemaker Technology

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Piers Crane  - Director at Holemaker Technology

Piers Crane

Director at Holemaker Technology

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More about The 5 HMT Values:

HMT Innovative cutting tools


As you look through our product range, you will see products that are new to the market, many with patents pending. We believe there is still much to be improved about the way holes are being created today and continue to make significant investments in research and development. Often our customers are surprised to find HMT has a unique and ready-made solution to a problem that they may have only encountered for the first time. Keep watching this space for more innovation on the way.

HMT Specialist cutting tools


HMT designs, develops and manufactures products to make or modify holes in metal in the most effective way possible. We have 18 years of experience working with fabricators and engineers, and we know that often the end user may not have the ideal working conditions, machine type, recommended speeds, lubricants, stable work surface etc. Our products are designed tough to get the job done. We believe our total focus on process improvement for the end user puts us in a category of our own.

HMT Optimise your cutting tools


It’s not just about supplying the best tool for the job. HMT believes in helping the user to optimise each item to use it in the most productive way. This means we work with you to get it there when it’s needed and give you the help you need to use it right to get full value from the product. There’s been too much money wasted on products not being used right.

HMT Agile cutting tools


We believe the world is smaller, faster and riskier than ever before. Working to tight deadlines, the client needs a solution fast, and getting the right solution to the right place quickly, needs a rapid response, worldwide supply chain and distribution network. If the right solution doesn’t exist today, we’ll make it exist.

HMT Foster Relationships with Customers and Dealers


HMT values lifetime relationships. That’s why we invest in building strong and deep links with our global supply chain, our operations partners, and supporting the users of HMT products through our committed distribution partners. As we treat our partners as we wish to be treated, we believe HMT’s success and strength will continue to grow.

The authorised dealers and stockists of HMT products benefit from our close partnerships with Government bodies UKTI and MAS and the international legal advisors who protect our Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Design Rights, Patents and Patents Pending, including the brands represented throughout this brochure and other marketing materials.

HoleMaker Technology will not hesitate to take appropriate legal action to secure its Intellectual Property.

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