STAKIT InsertFoam Sets

The InsertFoam system is an innovative new addition to the STAKIT Storage system. Modular and customisable tool case storage to easily and efficiently organise your most important cutting tool sets.

HMT Cutting tool kits are now supplied in foam Inserts compatible with VERSADRIVE STAKIT Top cases.

There are 2 sizes of insert - Small & Large Tooling is supplied in the insert best suited to the tool size and number of pieces in the set.

VersaDrive® STAKIT InsertFoam Benefits

  • Protect essential tooling
  • Store & organise tooling so it is accessible where & when needed
  • Compatible with STAKIT Top cases
  • Integrate tooling into a STAKIT system for ultimate portability
  • Flexible design accommodates wide variety of tooling designs
  • Easily create your own custom kits

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