HMT is looking to expand our export dealer market and work closely with selected high-quality distributors to introduce Cutting tool innovation to new regions and markets.

If you are a distributor looking for a strong partnership with a new brand of unique, high-value, and easy to ship products, we look forward to having a discussion together.

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With over 25 years of experience in Metal Cutting tools, HMT’s story began in 2013 when we began studying the market to identify the tooling that metalworkers were needing to speed up metalworking tasks.

This extensive research combined with the rapid advancement in Cordless power tool technology has enabled HMT to develop and bring this unique product range to market.

HMT is based the UK with a Kent head office & Distribution Centre and Sheffield technical centre. With a focus on innovative high-quality products, large stocks, and superb customer service, HMT already has established over 100 dealers in UK and Ireland, and exports to over 20 countries.

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Holemaker Technology Delivery


HMT partners with DHL for expert freight movement, with DHL Express services offering fast services with 1-2 days across Europe, and 3-5 days rest of World delivery. For pallet Air-freight deliveries and Sea-freight HMT works with international freight forwarder Allport.

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HMT have an excellent location for rapid dispatch of goods with London Heathrow and Gatwick Airport Air freight within 1 hour, and Felixstowe, DP London Gateway, and Southampton sea freight docks all within 2 hours of our distribution centre. We are also based less than 1 hour from Dover docks and the Channel Tunnel.


Impact-Rated Cutting Tools for construction and fabrication. The VERSADRIVE range of cutting tools has only been available on the marketplace since 2016 and It is now rapidly establishing itself as the leading brand of fabrication and MRO cutting tools. A revolutionary tooling range expertly designed to optimise metalworking processes and increase working life. The unique, modular shank design enables each tool to be used in many different applications with multiple types of powertool.

VERSADRIVE is the only range of cutting tools optimised for site work with cordless power tools as well as workshop equipment. The range includes TCT Holesaws, Step Drills, Drill Bits, ImpactaTaps, Drill-taps, Reamers, Countersinks, and the new Drillsink.

VERSADRIVE is the only range of cutting tools designed to be used with Impact Wrenches and Impact Drivers to deliver performance up to 15X faster than traditional methods.

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CarbideMax Range

Annular Magnet Broach Cutters

Upgrade any magnet drill with the HMT CarbideMax Cutters.

CarbideMax stockists help their customers to halve the cost of hole broaching with a premium quality yet affordable Carbide Cutter. Available in working lengths of 40, 55, 80, 110, 150, and 200mm.

CarbideMax TCT Broaching cutters are proven to halve the cost of hole broaching when compared to traditional HSS broach cutters. CarbideMax TCT Cutters offer an increased life expectancy of at least 4X the life of standard HSS cutters, or much greater under optimum conditions. CarbideMax TCT Cutters also offer a substantially faster cutting speed, due to a thinner wall meaning less material is removed during the broaching process. Tipped with individually brazed carbide cutting teeth (TCT) of the highest quality.

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Magnetic Drilling Machines

The new HMT range of magnet drills has been carefully crafted to offer a market leading premium range of Magnet drills for 2018. Performance has been carefully matched to portability requirements, while offering maximum flexibility for a wide range of tooling to be used. Motor and Magnet capacity has been optimised for the most effective tooling. When combined with the CarbideMax and Versadrive tooling range, HMT’s magnet drills offer a unique package of productivity for the metalworker needing portable tooling solutions for large scale metalworking, either on site or in the fabrication workshop

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VSD650 Heavy Duty Impact Wrench

VSD650 Cordless Impact Wrench

The all-new HMT VSD650 1/2” Impact Wrench has been optimised to be way more than just a tool for tightening bolts and threads. This is the first Impact Wrench optimized for use with VERSADRIVE cutting tool technology to speed up metalworking. 650Nm delivers optimum power for the most popular impact-rated VERSADRIVE cutting tools including M24 taps and 30mm Step Drills

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