Dealer Training


Innovation and development are at the heart of everything we do at HMT and this is not limited to our products.

To help educate and inform anyone involved in the sales, demonstration or use of our products we have created a range of online training resources accessible via the HMT Hub.

As we enhance or reinvent processes and products, training on upgrades and new practices will ensure the knowledge needed to pick the best product for the job and either use, demonstrate or sell it efficiently, safely and productively.

Additional resources will continue to be added that help show how to get the best out of your HMT sales and marketing assets, with guidance and advice covering topics from website best practice to Point of Sale and Product Display suggestions that maximise product visibility and selling potential.


Use the HMT E-Learning resources to:


  • Train yourself or your workforce
  • Discover new tooling best practices
  • Help your customers improve efficiencies and speed up metalworking - saving time and money


E-Learning courses

Courses listed below are currently available for entry and completion online.

  • Grow your sales with VersaDrive
  • Magnet Drill Training
  • Digital Asset Library Introduction

You can return to your course at any time, even after you have completed it so courses can be used to refer back to at any point.



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