Countersinking Tools

Our new range of Countersink Bits 

Countersinking can be a difficult and time-consuming process, but the new range of HMT countersink bits makes these difficult jobs quicker and easier.

How do we do it?

Designed and developed by HMT, the MultiSink, GoldMax, DrillSink and VersaDrive countersink tools are all featured in this range, each with distinct advantages. These tools operate at higher RPMs than standard HSS drill bits offering faster cutting time as well premium quality, multi-functionality and longer tool life. 

Our range of products can be used with a variety of power tools such as mag drills and impact wrenches. Check out our latest addition to the VersaDrive range of countersink tools, the DrillSink, which drills and countersinks holes in one operation.

Contact us for advice about RPM, Feed rates, Machinery, and Lubrication.

VersaDrive™ Combination DrillSink Drill & Countersink Tool
The DrillSink is the latest innovative addition to the VersaDrive product range. Saving metalwork...
The MultiSink™ Combination Countersink Tool
The MultiSink™ is a worldwide unique new Combination Countersink Tool designed and developed by H...
VersaDrive™ Countersink Bits
Fast, Efficient Countersinking & Deburring 90 Degree point angle for Countersunk Bolt Heads ...
GoldMax™ Magnet Drill Countersink
HMT GoldMax™ Countersinks are specially coated for increased tool life, Standard 19.05mm Weldon s...
HMT GoldMax™ Morse Taper Shank Countersink
HMT Morse Taper Shank HSS Countersinks now come with the benefit of the special GoldMax™ coating ...
HMT Morse Taper Shank HSS Countersink 60 Degree
High quality, full ground Morse Taper Shank Countersink. Suitable for 60 Degree Countersunk Bolts
MultiSink™ & GoldMax Weldon Countersink Countertop Display Stand
STAND DIMENSIONS : 375W x 700H x 220D• Lightweight & sturdy metal display stand, ideal to boo...
VersaDrive™ Countersink Bit Set
Fast, Efficient Countersinking & Deburring 90 Degree point angle for Countersunk Bolt Heads ...

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