3. About your Magnet Drill


Intended Use

Magnetic drilling machines are typically intended for commercial/industrial use as magnetic base drilling machines for drilling materials with a magnetizable surface using annular cutters and twist drills.

Most magnetic drilling machines can be used horizontally, vertically or overhead using the safety strap provided. HOWEVER it is essential to confirm your machine is capable of the application for which it will be used PRIOR to operation, by consulting the operation manual specific to that machine.

Care should also be taken to note the weather conditions and ambient operating temperature range recommended for each machine.

Only ever use your magnet drilling machine within its stated specifications and limits.

  • Only use approved tools and accessories with your magnet drill.
  • Do not use magnet drills beyond their stated capacities.
  • Machines should NEVER be used for any purpose other than stated.
  • Machines should NEVER be used without a protective earth or ground connection.
  • DO NOT use magnet drills in a potentially explosive environment.
  • DO NOT use magnet drills as a lifting device, the magnetic base is for clamping only.

Description & Features

The features of magnet drills will vary across brands and models.

Some features, like a power switch, will likely be present on all units, whereas some, like direction or speed control, will only be available on specific models with those functions.

Where features are common across different brands and models, they are nonetheless likely to be positioned differently across different units. Below, an example of the VersaDrive V35 Magnet Drill gives an indication of the types of features to be aware of.

1 Motor Unit
2 Safety Guard
3 Magnet
4 Motor Switch
5 Magnet Switch
6 Power Cable Outlet
7 Capstan Handle (Rise / Fall)
8 Stand Carrying Handle
9 Coolant Bottle

Packing List

A packing list will normally accompany your magnet drilling machine to inform you of the contents of the product. Should anything listed on the packing list be missing from the box, contact the relevant manufacturer or vendor.

Below is an example packing list for the VersaDrive V35 Magnet Drill from Holemaker Technology

  • 1 x Magnetic Drilling Machine
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x VERSADRIVE RAPID LOCK Weldon Adaptor
  • 1 x Drill Guard & 2x fixing screws and washers
  • 1 x Hex Key (3)
  • 1 x Safety Strap
  • 1 x Basic Carrying Case
  • 1x Coolant Bottle, Tap and Tube

Serial Number

The serial number of your magnet drilling machine should be displayed somewhere on the body of the machine. For Holemaker Technology's VersaDrive range of machines this will be on a serial number label typically found on the motor housing.

The serial number is intended to help you and your sales point identify and validate the machine.

For Holemaker Technology VersaDrive machines, serial numbers follow the example protocol below, other manufacturers may differ so please consult the relevant user manual for your machine for model specific information.

Example serial number: V3511004205

This breaks down as follows

The month and year of manufacture are shown on the bottom of the serial number label

Technical Data

Your machine's technical data should be available within its model specific operating manual.

This information details data like the machine's capacity, dimensions and power and helps identify its capabilities and limitations.

DO NOT use your machine beyond its stated capacities

An example of the VersaDrive V35's technical data can be found below

VERSADRIVE V35 - 110V / 230V (Check machine markings)

Capacity Annular Cutters

Up to Ø35 mm (TCT cutters)

Capacity Twist Drills

Ø 1 – 12 mm

Capacity Threading         

N/A – not reversing

Capacity Countersinking


Overall Length

220mm (with guard)

Overall Width

173mm (incl. handles)

Overall Height

305mm Min   -   445mm Max

Slide Stroke


Weight – (Machine only)

9.5 kg

Magnet dimensions

160 x 80x 35 mm (L x W x H)

Magnetic Adhesion Force

1000 Kg (25mm Thick Material)

Rated Voltage

110V AC / 230V AC

Rated Current

8.2A / 4.0A

Rated Motor Power

850 W

Magnet Power

50 W

Total Power

900 W

IP Rating


Insulation Class

Class 1

Speeds No Load                             

750 min-1  

Spindle type

19,05mm (3/4”) Weldon

Sound Pressure Level

86 dBA             Uncertainty 3 dBA

Sound Power Level

99 dBA             Uncertainty 3 dBA

SPL at Operators Head Level

89 dBA             Uncertainty 3 dBA

Magnet Drill Warning Symbols


Term, meaning


Read Documentation symbol


Read Documentation

You MUST read the enclosed documentation such as the Instruction Manual and the General Safety Instructions.

Wear ear protection symbol


Wear ear protection


Use ear protection during operation.

Wear eye protection symbol


Wear eye protection


Use eye-protection during operation.

Wear gloves symbol

Wear Gloves


Caution symbol




Observe the information in the adjacent text!

Electrical Caution symbol

Warning Electrical Enclosure

Danger - High voltage present inside enclosure.

European conformity symbol


European conformity symbol

Confirms the conformity of the power tool with the directives of the European Community.

United Kingdom (UK) conformity symbol

United Kingdom
conformity symbol

Confirms the conformity of the power tool with the directives of the United Kingdom.

Class of protection symbol


Class of protection I

Product with basic insulation and exposed (touchable), conductive parts additionally connected to the protective earth conductor.



Unit of measure for length, width, height or depth



Unit of measure for the mass



Unit of measure for the electric voltage



Unit of measure for the electric current intensity



Unit of measure for the output



Unit of measure for the force



Unit of measure for the time


No-load speed

Revolution speed at no-load

1/min     min-1

per minute

Unit of measure for number of revolutions,

strokes, impacts or oscillations per minute.


EEE icon

Separate collection.
Products showing this symbol must NOT be disposed of with normal household waste.

recycling symbol

Separate collection of used products and packaging allows materials to be recycled and used again. Re-use of recycled materials helps prevent environmental pollution and reduces the demand for raw materials.
Local regulations may provide for separate collection of electrical products from the household, at municipal waste sites or by the retailer when you purchase a new product.

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