1. Introduction

A magnetic drill or mag drill, is a drill with a magnetic base that secures the drill to a metal workpiece.

Magnet drills are used in metalworking to cut, drill, broach, ream and tap metal.

Magnet drills come in a range of sizes, magnet types and with a range of features and applications they can perform.

Some models feature reversible direction control, meaning they can be used for tapping, a process that creates a threaded hole ready for a bolt and requires tooling to be reversed out once the thread has been created.

Some models feature electromagnets that require power in order to magnetise, whilst others feature fixed permanent magnets that can operate independently of a power source.

With considerations like this in mind, it is essential to chose the right drill for the job or it may not be possible to complete the intended task.

Holemaker Technology have a range of magnet drills designed to produce superior quality holes quickly and efficiently. Through years of experience, constant innovation and development, HMT provides you with metal cutting tools and products to help you be more productive.

No matter the brand or type of magnet drill, please read all operating instructions before using your product - this includes any Operators manual as well as warning labels on the unit itself.

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