How do you drill a large hole in metal?

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Drilling through metal can be challenging at the best of times, but trying to create a large diameter hole can present even more of a dilemma, especially in a substantial steel beam or plate.

Large hole drilling

So how can it be done?

Traditional methods fall in to three categories.

But what is the best way to drill large holes in thick metal quickly and without burning through drill bits?

The answer: by using the VersaDrive HoleCutter.

The VersaDrive HoleCutter is a cross between a broach cutter and traditional holesaw and offers the best of both tools in a flexible and portable solution.

VersaDrive Holecutter

Similar in design to a broach cutter, the VersaDrive HoleCutter features premium, individually brazed Sandvik Tungsten Carbide teeth that give incredible strength, the highest performance and lifespans 10x longer than traditional bi-metal holesaws.

Operating like a broach cutter by removing metal at the edge of the hole rather than throughout its entire area, they result in fast cuts and minimal wear on the tool, again extending operating life far beyond that of a traditional holesaw.

Unlike a broach cutter though the VersaDrive HoleCutter has the flexibility to be used in lightweight, portable drive tools like cordless pistol drills.

HMT VersaDrive Holecutter

This replaces the need for heavy, cumbersome magnet drills and offers a heavy duty hole making solution that is perfect for use on-site, in remote locations or where access is limited and work pieces cannot be removed and returned to a workshop.

Available in two cutting lengths, 55mm and 100mm, the VersaDrive HoleCutter has the capacity for hole creation through thick plate, box section and other deep drilling applications.

Ultimate flexibility 

As part of the unique VersaDrive system, the VersaDrive HoleCutter benefits from a range of additional features unmatched across traditional large hole cutting solutions.

Firstly it's patented Hex Shank fits all 1/2" drill chucks and ensures a tight fit and non-slip usage. It is also compatible with all VersaDrive rapid-lock adapters and extensions, allowing the standard cutter reach to be extended to well over 300mm for out of reach drilling or quick-change usage across multiple drive tools.

Holecutter hex shank

Thanks to this HMT exclusive design, the VersaDrive HoleCutter can be used with hand held rotary drills, SDS+ drills (in rotary only mode), pillar drills or even adapted for use in magnet drills as a broach cutter or multisink. Thus giving the most flexibility of any large hole cutting solution available.

A single piece, replaceable, spring-loaded pilot drill also serves to centre the tool during use to ensure no 'wander' during the cut whilst also ejecting the resulting metal slug upon completion of a hole.

As a result the VersaDrive HoleCutter offers fast, efficient and cost effective holemaking that outperforms and outlasts other options on the market. 


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