CarbideMax is a new approach to maximising value in magnet broaching.

HMT believes everyone should have access to the top quality at affordable prices.

CarbideMax 40 TCT Carbide Broach Cutter Range

CarbideMax TCT Carbide Broach Cutter Range

4X Longer life than HSS Cutters, with a 15% Faster cut, this means they work
out at less than HALF the price of normal cutters. A very simple list pricing
structure, so your sales team and your customer immediately ‘gets it’.


CarbideMax Range

The largest stock range of Tungsten Carbide Magnet broach cutters in the world.

The HMT CarbideMax TCT range is available from 12mm to 150mm diameter and from 40mm to the unique 200mm cutting length for extreme applications.

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CarbideMax TCT Broaching cutters are proven to halve the cost of hole broaching when compared to traditional HSS broach cutters.
CarbideMax TCT Cutters offer an increased life expectancy of at least 4x the life of standard HSS cutters, or much greater under optimum conditions.
CarbideMax TCT Cutters also offer a substantially faster cutting speed due to a thinner wall meaning less material is removed during the broaching process.
Tipped with individually brazed carbide cutting teeth (TCT) of the highest quality, CarbideMax cutters have an elaborately designed geometry which gives a smooth cut for fast accurate hole broaching.
Premium grade Tungsten Carbide teeth work well in difficult materials like stainless steel and cast iron as well as all grades of structural steel.


  • Still using HSS annular broach cutters? Making the switch to Carbidemax TCT cutters will see your cost per hole go down dramatically.

  • Centre Punch - Especially for smaller diameters of broach cutters like 12-16mm, it is highly advised to set a strong centre dot with a centre punch.

  • Ventilate deeper holes during the cut. For any holes to be made in metal thickness greater than 25mm, it is recommended to ventilate the hole.

  • Excessive shaking, it could be your slides. Slides should be checked and tightened up on a monthly basis, or weekly if it is intensive use on large or deep holes.

  • Lubrication - HMT advises continuous cooling during the entire hole cut. The larger and deeper the cut, the more critical the application of coolant.

  • Check the Magnet hold - If the magnet is not holding at full power, the downward pressure of the cut will start to lift the drill away from the surface of the material.

  • Optimise machine speed for the cutter. Each different size of broach cutter has a different optimum cutting speed. Make sure you set the correct speed on your machine.

  • The Carbidemax Stack Laminate cutters are designed with a special teeth geometry, therefore, no more stuck slugs when drilling multiple layers.

  • Feed and pressure during the cut to maximise the life of the broach cutter. It’s highly recommended to apply the feed very slowly and cautiously during the first 1mm.

  • Access & using the right machine. Hiring the correct machine will often result it better life from the consumables, and a quicker completion of the task.

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