Folder 2 - Image Library

Folder 2. contains the Image Library.

This contains the image files referenced in the product database along with additional supporting images.

Images are split in to folders. The first folder contains all images referenced in the product database for easy upload to your website.

Further folders split images per product line for easy identification when product specific images are needed. 

  • The main image for each product is named with the product code (eg 501030.png) 
  • Additional images show the product in different situations, such as fitted into different adapters and sets
  • Each product folder also contains images with additional product information, such as the recommended powertool for use with the product and the drive tools that will give optimal performance with different diameters of cutting tool

n.b. Product images are intended for online use and are sized accordingly. 

High res, background-free images for print can be requested separately on an as needed basis direct from HMT.


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