VersaDrive TurboTips - New large sizes launched

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The VersaDrive TurboTip range has just got even better.

This quarter sees the launch of the new 'Blacksmith Drill Sized' TurboTips with new sizes available at 16, 18, 20 & 22mm.


Traditional Method Vs TurboTip 

Whilst traditional methods of drilling large holes require a series of pilot holes to be drilled with ever increasing sizes of drillbit until the final hole size can be achieved, the new range of large sized TurboTips can be used as a standalone solution, requiring just 1 TurboTip to complete to full hole.

Due to their stepped tip construction, even the large sized TurboTip 'self-pilots', automatically creating small starter holes that increase in size as the product progresses through the material until it reaches it's final size and breaks through the workpiece. 

Faster cuts, perfect holes and no pilot drilling

The Turbotip's unique and patented design not only means that TurboTips of all sizes self-start, self centre and produce accurate and perfectly finished holes every time but it also means that they only ever remove tiny amounts of the work piece at a time, resulting in 50% faster cuts and the need for 30% less pressure, helping to speed up the job and protect users from excess fatigue.

In addition, as part of the VersaDrive Impact Rated range of tooling, TurboTip large sizes can be used with Impact tooling such as Impact Wrenches. As a result users benefit from the speed and controlled power of Impact whilst avoiding the dangerous kickback typical when drilling large sized holes using traditional methods.

How to use Large Sized TurboTips 

To use the large sized TurboTips the process is exactly the same as for smaller sizes, simply fit to a Rotary Drill or insert into a VersaDrive Impact Adapter in an Impact Wrench and start drilling. Simple, safe and speeds up the job.

Product Highlights

  • Patented Drill Point
  • 50% Faster Drilling with 30% less pressure
  • Instant drill start with no slipping
  • No ‘snatch’ when drill bit breaks through
  • Long Tool Life

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