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AT HMT one of our core values is “Optimise”.

This means everything we do is aimed at optimising time savings, optimising safety and optimising methods of working.

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One of the ways in which we do this is by offering HMT Site Visits.

An HMT Site Visit is a FREE Metalwork Tooling and Best Practice Evaluation.

During the visit our metalworking experts will be able to assess your current equipment and processes and suggest ways in which you could speed up your jobs, benefit from greater efficiencies or enhance safety for you and your team.

From individual drillbits, taps and broach cutters through to hand held power tools and larger workshop equipment like magnet drills, our team will be able to analyse your current options and suggest ways in which you could enhance them, ultimately saving time and money.

In many cases HMT site visits have resulted in savings of over 50% of typical monthly expenditure on consumables like broach cutters and taps. At the same time customers often find that they are able to make significant time savings simply by switching the cutting tool or process used to one they may not even know exists.

If you could benefit from saving time and money on jobs get in touch to organise a FREE HMT Site Visit and Tooling check.


03330 110 382

Where possible HMT site visits will be conducted in conjunction with your local tooling dealer or stockist.

Covid Policy:
 In order to keep staff and customers safe, site visits will only be operated where Government Guidelines allow and social distancing will be maintained throughout.  

Case study:
CJ Tennant

During a recent shed building job, HMT dealer CJ Tennant discovered 150 misaligned holes in the framework of the structure.

This meant that it was impossible to secure adjoining beams and the build had to be put on hold whilst a solution was implemented.

Initially assessing the issue to require 2 full days of remedial work, CJ Tennants discussed the problem with the HMT site team and a faster, more efficient solution was found.

In place of the previous idea to use a die grinder or specialist holesaw to grind or cut out the holes, the HMT Site team were able to advise the use of a VersaDrive® Reamer that could be operated with hand held Impact tooling and get the job done in hours rather than days.

Given the team already had a VersaDrive® Installation kit on site they had everything they needed immediately to hand and didn't need to spend more time or money sourcing items.

In place of the original 2 day estimate the job was completed in 4 hours, saving a day and a half of labour as well as the need to buy additional tooling.

In total just 1 VersaDrive Reamer was used to ream all 150 holes, each through 2 x 10mm steel beams.


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