VersaDrive CounterTop Display

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The VersaDrive Countertop Display Stand is a new point of sale unit that will be available to stocking dealers.

At only 45cm wide and 35cm deep, it offers the perfect solution for stockists with limited space or those looking to supplement an existing profile with till-side purchasing options.

Despite its compact size, there is room for all the most popular adapters as well as an additional 28 hooks for another 140 products, meaning incredible possible returns from a very limited area of counterspace.

Set in to its base there is also a product display area with room for 11 VersaDrive demo tools and 4 adapters.

This eye catching setup means that customers can immediately visualise and interact with products, offering them a better experience and helping them purchase the right tooling for their needs. Simultaneously, product is being promoted at the point of purchase, helping drive sales and increase profits.

For more information or to enquire about pre-ordering, please contact your local rep or email

versadrive countertop display unit
VersaDrive countertop stand angled
versadrive countertop stand side on
versadrive countertop stand birdseye

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