V35 Magnet Drill - The most versatile small machine on the market

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UK production of the NEW VersaDrive V35 Compact Magdrill is now in full swing

The VersaDrive V35 replaces the best selling MAX30 and offers the most significant advancement in compact magnet drilling technology in recent history.

At only 9.5kg and with a magnet footprint of just 160 x 80mm, the V35 is not only light-weight and portable but it also offers incredible drilling capabilities thanks to its market leading stroke. Able to create holes up to 110mm in depth and 35mm diameter, the V35 outperforms all other similar sized machines.

In addition it has been specifically designed to work seamlessly with the VersaDrive system.

By attaching the supplied VersaDrive Rapid-Lock Weldon adapter, the V35 transforms into a highly versatile metal cutting machine, capable of using VersaDrive TurboTips, Cobalt drill bits, Step Drills, Countersinks, HoleCutters and more.

As a quick-change, modular system, VersaDrive tools can be rapidly swapped depending on requirement, meaning the V35 offers the widest possible flexibility, time saving and light weight portability un-matched by other machines in its size and weight class.

Designed for high performance and low maintenance, the V35 delivers constant, industrial quality drilling in the most challenging environments and fabrication conditions.

This machine fills a gap in the market for an extremely light weight unit with high drilling speed, long stroke and versatile tooling options.

Product Benefits

  • 35x110mm cutter capacity
  • Compact design for tight spaces
  • Extremely light weight at only 9.5kg
  • Quick change Versadrive tooling
  • UK Built, premium quality machine
  • 2 year warranty when registered
  • Supplied in STAKIT site toolcase with accessories ready to use
  • Includes Rapid Lock Versadrive Adapter worth £45.50
  • Replaces MAX30 as a higher spec machine

Technical Specifications

Cutter Size Range 12 - 35mm
Max Cutter Capacity 35mm
Max Cutter Length 110mm
Twist Drill Capacity 12mm
Countersinking 25mm
Length 220mm
Width (Inc handles) 173mm
Height (Min - Max) 305 - 445mm
Weight 9.5kg
Stroke 140mm
Magnet (LxW) 160 x 80mm
Magnetic Adhesion 1000kg
Motor Power 850w
Total Power 900w
Speed 750 min-1
Arbor Integral 3/4" Weldon
Coolant System Gravity Oil Fed

Supplied with:
Heavy Duty metal guard system
VersaDrive Rapid-Lock Adapter
Site Case
Gravity Fed Coolant System
2 Year Warranty (when registered)

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