Improve customer experience and drive sales with new HMT Point Of Sale display stands

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One of Holemaker Technology's core values is to 'Optimise'. We apply this as much to our customers' user experience as we do to our optimisation of our products and services. Whether this means offering exceptional after sales support or giving them a purchasing experience that exceeds their expectations, we are committed to ensuring they have the best experience at every opportunity.

As such, great Point Of Sale is critical and ours has just got even better.

We have just launched our most recent additions to the range, a 665mm slim-line stand and a full width, 1m wide corner unit.

The 665mm stand is perfect for tight spaces, smaller showrooms or adding a little extra room when looking to extend your stock profile.

Meanwhile the 1m corner unit can be used as a standalone display to take advantage of unused spaces or added to existing profiles as a sales optimizing extension.

Each unit stands at 2325mm to the top of the header and seamlessly connects with our existing 1m profile to create the ultimate HMT sales zone. You can even connect multiple stands to create a custom display that fits your exact requirements and space.

In addition, each stand can be further optimized through the application of our unique ‘Silent Selling’ merchandising stickers. As well as engaging customers visually, these bespoke product backers offer customers product specific information that highlights USPs and guides decision making. Ultimately helping them chose the right product for their application, reducing missed opportunities and driving sales.

Improve your in-store engagement and customer’s experience with new HMT Point Of Sale display stands and merchandising today by contacting 03330 110 382 or emailing

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