How to get a hole through 200mm thick steel - HMT's new CarbideMax 200mm Ultralong Cutters

Posted by Piers Crane on

With the increase of innovation and design in steel structures, the need has increased for creating connection holes through thicker plates and flanges.

Special long broaching cutters are also used when there is a application to drill through one section, and there is a gap then another section of steel to be cut. Extension pieces for shorter broaching cutters will not pass through the first hole as the extension diameter is bigger than the hole size.

For the first time ever, HMT are pleased to bring to make available from stock the range of CarbideMax 200mm deep broaching cutters. Available in the most common structural bolt fixing sizes 

Currently available in 22x200mm 26x200mm, 32x200mm, 36x200mm and 39x200mm - special sizes available to order

Heavy-duty magnet drills, accessories, and procedures are available to offer you the complete solution. 

Special sizes of cutter are available to order, up to 300mm length and 100mm diameter




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