HMT's unique products for bridgeworks and rivet removal

Bridge strengthening and steelwork repair is an essential part of keeping transport flowing and keeping passengers safe 


We recognise there are a range of unique challenges for bridge works including tight access, corroded materials, and time pressure from possessions. This range is developed to help fabricators and site workers get the best results in the time available 

Over time, steel bridges become corroded and need strengthening and repairs. This is complicated by the original fabrication methods of hot rivets and multiple layers of plated steelworks 

Holemaker Technology have developed innovative drilling tools to speed up rivet removal and rework/replace connection holes for new bolts. 

Due to the unique challenges of bridgeworks, the Versadrive range is becoming widely used as the patented hex shank system allows effective use in cordless, rotary, and impact power tools. This gives effective results in these tight working areas

Products such as Impact Reamers can be used in Impact Wrenches providing a safety improvement.

Impact Reamers do not have a torque kick-back which is a hazard with some power tools and air tools 


Reducing the use of dangerous Rivet Busters ( also known  as Rivet bursters & Pneumatic Hammers) 

Rivet busters are Pneumatic air hammer chisels which use a heavy duty percussion action to punch or cut construction materials 

For removing old rivets this is typically done in 2 stages. Stage 1 using a chisel head to cut off the rivet head, and Stage 2,  using a round punch to attempt to hammer out the shaft of the rivet. 

There is increasing Health and safety concerns about the high Hand-Arm Vibrations (HAVS) caused by these operations. 

Using HSE supplied data, a Pneumatic Hammer / Rivet buster has an action level of 5 mins, and a Exposure limit of 15 mins 

Drilling action levels are 60 mins, and exposure limit 180 mins, which is 12X lower risk than Pneumatic hammers/Rivet-busters

In addition to HAVS concerns there are other rivet-buster/ pneumatic hammer safety and environmental hazards such as Noise, high pressure air lines, and flying metal debris 

To discuss the HMT and Versadrive Bridgework drilling range, please Contact Us 

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