HMT Warranty Statement - Cutting Tools & Accessories

HMT Warranty Statement

Cutting Tools & Accessories

HMT cutting tools are designed to look good, feel good and give fantastic performance.

HMT innovate and provide methods of driving and adapting tools to make them faster and easier to use than any comparable tool on the market.

We log and record each Cutting Tool warranty claim reported, and our statistics show that for 10,000 tools supplied, an average of 12 cutting tools are supplied as warranty replacements.

 As part of our responsibility and duty of care to our customers, it is HMT’s commitment to help the user get the best possible results and use from our products.

There are many variables making life expectancy with cutting tools difficult to predict, particularly when they are used with hand-operated portable power tools. They require the user to have a basic understanding and knowledge of how they should be used, and also how they should not be used.

 If HMT tools fail as a result of defective material or manufacturing process HMT will replace or repair the tooling at our discretion.

 To make a Cutting Tool warranty claim, please visit the Cutting Tool Warranty Claim and fill out the product details.

 In line with industry standards, our product warranty does not cover fair wear and tear, incorrect or misuse or use for any purpose for which the tool was not intended, mishandling, poor maintenance or storage, alteration or repair of the product by parties other than HMT or where the tool has not been used in accordance with HMT’s best practice advice.

 The HMT Warranty – ‘Cutting Tools & Accessories’ policy is in accordance with its Terms & Conditions of business, the applicable section can be viewed on the following page.

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