At HMT, everything we do is focused on metalwork hole-making, hole enlargement, and producing innovation to speed up metalwork

Sometimes this brings us the weird and wonderful challenges, which we thrive on finding solutions for.

HMT Special Projects has a range of specialist equipment and solutions, from the smallest in the world to the largest equipment available. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your specific challenge

HMT Max-30 Tube Pipe Clamp Mag Drill (List £1365, save £270 now)
The Max-30 Tube is a completely unique Mag Drill in that the the magnets do not require electrici...
HMT Tube55T Pipe Clamp Tapping Magnet Drill, 110 Volt
The HMT Tube55 Magnet Drill is a unique machine designed for drilling tubular material. With pate...
The Ultimate Magnetic Drill for the largest possible broaching, drilling and Countersinking tasks...
HMT Max-140T Tapping Mag Drill (List £3995, save £650 now)
This ultimate heavy duty mag drill is the high power portable magnetic drill machine for the heav...
Max RTA-45 Low Profile Mag Drill
An incredible new tight access mag drill which is both the smallest magnetic drill machine of its...
HMT Max-50 Mag Drill (List £699, save £200 now)
HMT Max-50 Mag Drill (List £699, save £200 now) Sale
£499.00 £699.00
*Special offer while this batch lasts only* The HMT Max-50 is a perfect two speed magnetic drill ...
HMT Max-55A Automatic Feed Mag Drill (List £1595, save £330 now)
A revolutionary auto feed Mag drill which reduces labour cost whilst maximising Magnetic Drill an...
AirMax 52 Pneumatic Drill
The AIR.52/3 Pneumatic Drill is meant for metal working in hazardous areas such as the offshore a...

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