Upgrade any magnet drill with HMT CarbideMax broach cutters

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Why are professional metalworkers upgrading to more expensive broach cutters? Read on below to find out and get your free sample 

- Up to 10X the performance of standard HSS cutters

- Up to 64% Faster cut than standard HSS cutters – reduce your labour costs

- Total stockholding over 10,000 cutters available Now

Incredible cutting speed, durability and accuracy in all fabrication materials, including structural steels, heat affected metal, stainless steel and more

- Huge range of sizes from 12mm to 200mm diameter in stock

- Cutting length up to 200mm deep available from stock

- Pricing starts from £15.60 per cutter  (trade list price)

- Tapping size cutters held in stock

- Ultra coated version for Hardox held in stock

- Available from over 100 dealers and resellers across the UK & Ireland 

Massive range of machines, accessories, and coolants to give the complete solution are also available from HMT 

Carbidemax Cutters in Action 


Ultra Cutters in action


CarbideMax cutters beat competitor by 64% on 20mm steel beam



Large diameter broaching cutters


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