The HMT DrillSink a revolution in Countersinking

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HMT DrillSink Combination Countersink

Every metal worker will agree that countersinking can be a laborious process.

One tool to drill the hole and another to countersink leads to increased time and reduced accuracy for each hole.

The engineers at HMT felt that they could improve this dated process by combining these two independent tools and creating a single process that drills and countersinks in one pass. This led them to the creation of the HMT DrillSink an innovation in time-saving and increased accuracy.

The Combination Drill & Countersink

The DrillSink offers the ability for an operator to drill and countersink a hole in one pass. The operator will no longer need to stop and switch from a drill bit to a specific countersink bit since the countersink is integrated at the base of the drill bit before the shank.

This tool not only increases operating speed but also improves accuracy. This unique design with the countersink on the same axis as the drill bit offers complete accuracy. The process is completed with your countersink flush to the drilled hole, leaving no room for misalignment.

For jobs that require a countersunk hole to enable a flush bolt fitting the DrillSink is the ultimate tool, improving processing time and reducing the risk of operator error.

Our product research and discovery and thorough testing have also shown that this combination tool also reduces chattering due to its infallible accuracy, and therefore, also prevents reduced tool life, something that is commonly associated with countersinks.

VersaDrive DrillSink

VersaDrive Compatibility

Like all VersaDrive products, the DrillSink can be used in any standard drill chuck or converted to work with virtually any drilling machine. It features a 90 Degree point angle for Countersunk Bolt Heads and is available in sizes from 6.8mm to 14mm.

For countersinking hole diameters larger than 14mm we suggest you try the MultiSink Combination Countersink Tool, another great innovation from HMT.


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