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HMT's relentless focus on product innovation and development continues to deliver new and unique tooling that speeds up metalworking.

HMT new products 2021

This year we are proud to introduce a revolutionary range of new products including the world's first Impact rated combined step cutter and reamer, the ImpactaStep, alongside an expanded collection of specialist countersinks, Extra Long HoleCutters, the HMT exclusive OverReach system and the V35 compact magnet drill coming in Q2.

ImpactaStep Cutter

VersaDrive ImpactaStep Cutter

A Versadrive exclusive innovation, the ImpactaStep Cutter offers combined drilling and reaming on materials up to 12mm thick.
Featuring 5 individual cutting diameters and a straight flute design for strength and easy resharpening, the ImpactaStep Cutter is optimised for use with Impact Drivers and Impact Wrenches as well as the latest range of VersaDrive Premium Magnet Drills.

Extra Long HoleCutter

VersaDrive Extra Long HoleCutter

VersaDrive TCT Holecutters are now available in Extra Long series for working on material up to 100mm thick. They are a high performance solution for cutting larger diameter holes quickly and effectively. Premium grade Tungsten carbide teeth provide ultimate cutting performance in a wide range of Structural steels including Stainless Steel and Cast Iron.


Weldon Shank Countersink

weldon shank countersinks

Premium countersinks with 3X heavy duty tungsten carbide inserts for maximum life in challenging materials. Standard 19.05mm Weldon shank for use in all standard magnet drills. Use with a 101013 Morse taper arbor to use in a pillar drill press or radial drill.

60° Countersink

60° Countersinks

High Speed Steel material with precision ground flutes. Standard 19.05mm Weldon shank for use in all standard magnet drills.

Indexible Insert Countersink

indexible countersinks

76mm heavy-duty large countersink with Morse Taper shank. Each countersink is supplied with Premium replaceable carbide inserts for cost effective performance in structural metals. Supplied with set of 3 tips which are double sided for extended use.

HMT OverReach

HMT OverReach System

The HMT OverReach system is a range of magnetic base units that are designed to reach over obstructions such as plates or rivet heads to position a drilling unit where it would have not been previously possible.

The 861010 OverReach Fixed 110v Magnet Clamp is a versatile clamping and positioning tool. Designed for applications where a magnet drill cannot be positioned directly above the required hole location. The powerful electromagnet can be positioned further away from the hole and a magnet drill can be placed on the fixed projecting steel plate to give more positioning options.

Additionally the 861010 OverReach Fixed 110v Magnet Clamp can be used as a double system with 2 clamps being used to support a plate. This allows for wider working area to position a magnetic drill above an obstruction.

Rapid Lock Extension 130mm

130mm Extension arbor for rotary drills.

Adapter Benefits:

  • Extends the working reach of all VersaDrive tools
  • Rapid-Lock, single handed loading action and can also be used in combination with other Versadrive adapters
  • Hex shank for non-slip use in any drill chuck
  • Improved Quick Release collar that prevents accidental tool release caused by vibrations or contact with the workpiece
  • Knurled collar - ultimate grip in greasy or damp conditions
  • High quality, Heavy Duty steel components
  • For use with VersaDrive system in rotary mode
130mm rapid lock extension

VersaDrive V35 Magnet Drill

Coming in Q2 2021 the new VersaDrive V35 Magnet Drill will be the most versatile compact machine on the market.

Weighting only 9.5kg and featuring a 140mm stroke, the V35 will be the first UK Built portable drilling machine designed for high-performance, low-maintenance, industrial quality drilling up to 35mm diameter.

This machine fills a gap in the market for extremely light weight, high drilling speed, and long stroke to accept a wide range of VersaDrive Tooling such as twist drills, countersinks, drillsinks, step drills and more.

v35 versadrive magnet drill

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