How to enlarge a hole when a bigger fixing is required?

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Firstly - why would I want to enlarge a hole that has already been drilled?

There are many reasons why holes need to be modified after they have been created - these can include specification changes, a change in the type of fixings to be used, or even merely a measurement mistake at some stage of the process.

Enlarging an existing hole, especially in hard materials such as steel or hardwoods, has traditionally been difficult to do accurately. Combined with the demands of a construction site, the question of 'how to do this quickly and correctly' becomes a real challenge.

One area where these tools are already being used is when old rivets are removed from steel work or bridges and the hole needs to be cleaned up or enlarged to allow a structural fixing to replace the old rivet.

These challenges have led us to create two brand new solutions - Enter the ImpactaCut and DrillMax range of construction reamers.

HMT ImpactaCut Reamer

The ImpactaCut Reamer is a very robust cutting tool that is designed to fit onto an impact wrench. The tapered design allows the narrow end of the ImpactaCut reamer to be entered into the existing hole and accurately centered.

The rotary/percussion impact cuts precise shavings off each side of the hole, up to the widest dimension of the reamer. When used in tough materials like metals and hardwoods, the clutch mechanism on any impact wrench prevents the reamer from jamming or snagging, and the tool cannot twist dangerously like it might when used in a power drill. The impact method means the reamers is quick and effective.

HMT DrillMax Reamer

The DrillMax Reamer is made for more general-purpose works and will fit into any power tool chuck. The tapered design will centralise then enlarge the hole to the required diameter.

These reamers are ideal for:

  • Opening up an existing hole to a larger size
  • Aligning two holes where there is overlap
  • Lining up a misaligned flange

Many building and construction professionals will testify. A job on-site or in the workshop can be going fine until a small problem like a misaligned hole, a poorly drilled hole, or a connection hole that is too small, can put a very expensive spanner in the works.

Having a set of ImpactaCut and DrillMax reamers on hand means this potential problem can be quickly overcome.

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