Feb 2017 Product Offers

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The 209010 Series of Cobalt Drill Bits are the market leaders in premium metalwork twist drill bits, with 8% Cobalt, Titanium coating, and non slip Hex Shank.

Stock up with these FEB ONLY OFFERS.

209010 VersaDrive COBALT DRILL BITS Sizes 4.2-13.0mm

209010 VersaDrive COBALT BLACKSMITHS DRILL BITS Sizes 14.0-22.0mm

Offer 1. FREE 111030 Magnet Drill Adapter with every Drill Bit Set , choice of SET1, SET2, SET3, SET4: Offer code 0217-1

Offer 2. Buy 9 Drill Bit Sets - Get 10th Free - Any Mix of SET1, SET2, SET3, SET4, in addition to the free Magnet drill adapter from offer 1: Offer code 0217-2

Offer 3. Order a 209010-DPOS CounterTop display stand- get a free set of 505020 Step Drills worth £98.60: Offer code 0217-3

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