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10 years ago, we studied the market to find out how to make a meaningful difference, and this study revealed 3 crucial insights:

- Firstly, that steel is rapidly emerging as the most sustainable & reusable construction material

- Secondly, steel components hold the industrial world together.

- Finally, that there was a huge hidden pain point around making and modifying the connection holes that fasten these components together.

This realisation launched HMT as a new company dedicated to cutting tool innovation to speed up metalworking.

Hugh Crane

Hugh Crane

Director at Holemaker Technology

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Piers Crane  - Director at Holemaker Technology

Piers Crane

Director at Holemaker Technology

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More about The 5 HMT Values:

HMT Innovative cutting tools


  • We find new ways of to save time, add value and solve problems; day to day within the business as well as within our target marketplace of fabrication, engineering and maintenance

HMT Specialist cutting tools


  • We have a laser-like focus on cutting tool innovation for metalworkers which will allow us to dominate this niche market.
  • We only produce product that is clearly superior to what exists in the marketplace already.

HMT Optimise your cutting tools


  • We believe in efficiency, and we never stop improving – in every area we keep striving to become more effective and moving to the next level
  • We help our customers to get best results with our products.
  • Attention to detail – little things matter
  • We believe in clear goals, targets and weekly reporting

HMT Agile cutting tools

Be Agile

  • We recognise the world is changing fast and new challenges and opportunities are constantly emerging. We embrace this and turn it to advantage.
  • We move faster than our competition
  • We embrace a spirit of urgency – Speed wins and gets things done

HMT Foster Relationships with Customers and Dealers

Be Nice

  • We aspire to be a partner who our staff and customers and suppliers and stakeholders enjoy working with.
  • A spirit of optimism – we solve problems and get things done.
  • Integrity – we do the right thing and we do what we say.
  • Teamwork – we support, follow-up, and provide feedback to one another
  • We work hard to stay connected and communicate well
  • We help each other learn and grow and get ahead

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