7. Magnet Drill Maintenance

CAUTION: To reduce the risk of injury, turn unit off and disconnect machine from power source before installing and removing accessories, before adjusting or changing set- ups or when making repairs. Be sure the switch is in the OFF position. An accidental start-up can cause injury.


Every magnetic drilling machine needs regular maintenance, cleaning and tool care to ensure continuous satisfactory operation. A few recommendations follow:



Machine must be checked before operation for any signs of damage that will affect the operation of the machine. Particularly the mains cable, if the machine appears to be damaged it should not be used failure to do so may cause injury or death.



  • Clean all dirt, dust, metal chips and burrs of your magnetic drilling machine
  • Blow dirt and dust out of the main housing with dry air as often as dirt is seen collecting in and around the air vents. Wear approved eye protection and an approved dust mask
  • Never use solvents or other harsh chemicals for cleaning the non-metallic parts of the tool. These chemicals may weaken the materials used in these parts. Use a cloth dampened only with water and mild soap. Never let any liquid get inside the tool; never immerse any part of the tool into a liquid.


The machines operation must be checked to ensure that all components are working correctly.  Replace any defective parts immediately. This prevents properly function parts from being damaged.



Brushes should be checked to make sure there is no abnormal wear present. This should be checked at least once a week if used frequently. If the carbon brush has worn more than 2/3 the original length the brushes should be changed. Failure to do so may cause damage to the machine.



Before every operation the magnetic base should be checked to make sure that the base is flat and there is no damage present. An uneven magnet base will cause the magnet not to hold as efficiently and may cause injury to the operator.

When the machine is out of use for a longer period, apply a small amount of machine oil to the underside of the magnetic base for rust protection. Clean the magnetic base again with next use.



The gearbox grease should be checked and replaced at least once a year to ensure maximum lubrication and cooling, and thus the best performance and durability of the machine.



This should be checked at least once per month to check that there are no visual signs of damage to the body or to the commutator. Some signs of wear will be seen on the commutator over a period of time, as this part comes in contact with the carbon brushes, but any signs of abnormal damage and the part should be replaced.



An essential requirement of the machine is that the slide can move in a smooth and controlled manner, free of lateral movement and vibration.


When supplied new, Holemaker Technology machines output shafts have already been adjusted for ideal movement.
After time and use, the up and down movement may become a little loose, requiring adjustment.


For HMT VersaDrive Series machines adjustment can be made via the adjustment screws down the side of the main housing. For models by other brands consult the operating manual for specific guidance.

To adjust the slide (Using VersaDrive V60T as an example)


  • Lower the slide to its lowest point
  • Adjust each of the 5x screws, in turn as below.
  • Release the locknut with an 8mm spanner.
  • Adjust (tighten) the socket set screw with a 2.5mm Allen key.
  • Check the slide movement and keep readjusting until there is a slight resistance.
  • When happy with the adjustment lock the socket set screw by tightening the locknut with the 8mm spanner.
  • Check the slide movement.

After adjustment the slide should be easy to move up and down, it should also stay at any height position. Do not overtighten the adjustment screws!



Repair, modification and inspection of Magnetic drilling machines must be done by the manufacturer or manufacturer authorized dealer. The spare parts list will be helpful if presenting a machine to a dealer for service when requesting repair or other maintenance.


HMT machines are constantly being improved and modified to incorporate the latest technological advancements. Accordingly, some parts (i.e. part numbers and/or design) may be changed without prior notice. Also, due to HMT’s continuing program of research and development, the specifications of machines are subject to change without prior notice.

WARNING: To reduce the risk of injury, only manufacturer recommended accessories should be used with magnet drills.

Consult your dealer for further information on the appropriate accessories.

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