Who needs VersaDrive

Who needs VersaDrive?


Anyone who is using fixings and connections in metalwork. This is a very wide market place with many customers, especially in Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO)

Some of the sectors that are most receptive to the Versadrive range are:

Mechanical & Electrical engineering

Site fitters and Installation teams

Fabrication companies

Construction companies

Vehicle, Plant & Equipment Maintenance

Rail & Transportation

Marine & Shipbuilding

Basically it's any metal work application that involves:



VersaDrive tooling is most frequently used in portable applications. this means where hand held powertools must be taken to the work.

Because of the flexibility of the Versadrive system, it is popular with both users and distributors as the same tool can be used in many different areas. For example a fabrication company will use the tooling in the workshop and throughout their site teams. For dealers, they only have to carry one type of Tap or Reamer that can be used in multiple different applications.

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