Third Party Repair Process - Customer Version

  1. Customer completes Repair Request Form 
  2. HMT evaluate the request and request further details if required. 
  3. HMT Customer Service raise a Return Material Authorization (RMA) 
  4. Once repair is authorised HMT Customer Service will supply the RMA form including shipping address for customer to return the repair.
  5. Repair Center evaluates the drill and provides report with recommended actions and replacement parts required.
  6. HMT provides customer with repair report and raises quotation if repair is deemed non warranty.
  7. If a quotation is required and approved by the customer, the parts required are shipped to repair centre
    1. If repair quotation is not approved by the customer following reasonable attempts to follow up from HMT, the unrepaired tool will be returned to the customer's location (tool may be unassembled)
  8. Repair centre completes repair and returns item to the customer.
  9. HMT complete/close RMA to customer and bill customer if non warranty.

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