How to Die thread using Impact drive tools

Best Practice Advice

1. For best results, before cutting the thread, use the VersaDrive® ImpactaBurr to ensure that the fastener/workpiece has a consistent 60 degree bevel/chamfer.

2. To ensure best results for the life of the Die and avoid the thread cutting unevenly on the fastener/workpiece, ensure the tool is held squarely in alignment with the fastener/workpiece.

3. When cutting a new thread use the Guide collar and Guide to help keep the Die in alignment with the fastener/workpiece.

4. For cleaning/repairing or rethreading applications, the flush collar is intended to allow the die to cut a full length thread.

5. Firm forward pressure is recommended both for starting/cutting the thread and when reversing the tool to remove the Die Threader from the fastener.

6. Ensure regular application of SpeedLube cutting fluid prior to and during the cutting process to minimise heat build up.

7. Take care when handling ImpactaDie and workpiece as threaded components may get very hot.

8. Avoid lateral movement or tilting which can cause damage to the tool.

9. Periodically check Die and ImpactaDie Holder/Collar and remove Swarf as required.

10. When cutting a full thread with the ImpactaDie system it is recommended to use an Impact wrench rather than a rotary drill to avoid potential hand/wrist injury from reaction torque.

11. Ensure the use of appropriate PPE at all times when using cutting tools (Safety Glasses, Gloves etc).

12. Impact wrenches of 3/8, 1/2 or 3/4"" square drive are recommended (rather than 1/4" impact drivers).


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