Versadrive TCT Holecutters
Currently the most popular product in the range.


101030 TCT HoleCutter
For heavy duty hole creation 12mm to 80mm


101035 Extra Long TCT HoleCutter
For deep, heavy duty hole creation 14mm to 26mm


VersaDrive HoleCutters are far superior to standard (Starrett type) holesaws and should not be compared to them.

VersaDrive HoleCutters feature: 

  • Heavy duty Tungsten Carbide Tips
  • 10X longer life than standard holesaws
  • Cutting of thicker materials up to 55cm / 100cm thick
  • 1 pc arbor and replaceable pilot drill
  • Flexibility to be used as a magnet drill cutter  
  • Flexibility to be used as a broaching pilot for the multisink
  • Best results when used on a pistol drill

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