HMT ImpactaMag™

HMT ImpactaMag™ is a range of versatile HSS reamers engineered for optimum performance when taking on the toughest metals. Ideal for heavy metalwork such a bridge-building this high strength steel reamers feature an elaborate cutting geometry that enables them to power through the hardest metal enlarging holes with precision.

Taper Reamer

Use to align or increase the diameter of holes, the ImpactaMag™ range is available as a set or in size from 14mm to 33mm diameter. These tapered reamers can be used in a standard Magnet Drill or adapted for use in an Impact Wrench using the HMT ImpactaMag™ Adapter.

Bridge Reamers

These reamers have applications in heavy structural steelwork and are the ideal bridge reamer for any metalworker. They are currently in use by National Rail engineers.

HMT ImpactaMag™ Impact Reamer
The HMT ImpactaMag™ HSS reamer is a unique double-use reamer for enlarging and aligning holes in ...
HMT ImpactaMag™ Reamer Sets
(Helpful note - the Impact Socket Adapter to connect the ImpactaMag™ Reamer to an impact wrench n...

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