HMT ImpactaCut™

HMT ImpactaCut™ Impact Reamer from Holemaker Technology features an engineered hex shank, which means it can be used with all types of Impact Wrench.

The ImpactaCut™ range has been designed for aligning and enlarging existing holes which are overlapping, or smaller than the required diameter.

The ImpactaCut™ range for available in the most common structural bolt hole sizes and perform best when put to use in heavy-duty structural steelwork application, such as bridge building and shipbuilding.

Selection of ImpactaCut™ Impact Reamers
HMT ImpactaCut™ Impact Reamer
HMT ImpactaCut™ Impact Reamer has an engineered hex shank for use with a battery, electric or pne...
HMT ImpactaCut™ Impact Sockets
Heavy duty impact sockets used for bolting up applications. These sockets are the correct size fo...

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