HMT CarbideMax™ TCT Holesaws


A highly versatile Tungsten Carbide Hole Saw system for use with a range of power tools including hand drills, Mag Drills, and Pillar Drills.

Our Tungsten Holesaws are the perfect power tool accessories for fabricators and metal workers needing to drill through heavy steel in locations that aren't suitable for a mag drill. The extended length makes the VersaDrive Carbibe Holesaw ideal for drilling into steel through existing holes into steel.

Premium quality Tungsten Carbide Teeth for ultimate tool life and maxiumum performance, making this Tungsten Hole Saw far superior to standard bi-metal "starret" type holesaws.

CarbideMax™ TCT Holesaws
AT LEAST 10X LONGER LIFE THAN BI-METAL/STARRET HOLESAWS : 13-80mm Diameter now available in stock...
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CarbideMax™ TCT Holesaw Sets
AT LEAST 10X LONGER LIFE THAN A BI-METAL HOLESAW SET A highly versatile Tungsten Carbide Hole Saw...
Replacement Pilot Drills for 14-80mm VersaDrive™ TCT Holesaws
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Reduced Tip Pilot Drills for 13mm VersaDrive™ TCT Holesaws
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