Holemaker Technology 2020 Catalogue - Now Available!

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Holemaker Technology's 2020 catalogue is now live!

Download a PDF version or request a printed hard copy here.

This is an exciting move forward for the fabrication and metalwork installation industry with some incredible new products and increased technical information

Read on below for your preview of what is new and upgraded for this year...


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Following the patent granted late in 2019, the VERSADRIVE tooling range moves forward again with new product information and innovation. 

The world's 1st modular quick-change cutting & drilling system for use with both Impact and Rotary tools.

Your catalogue contains new overview pages and updated features & benefits.

versadrive system overview

VersaDrive Site Installation Kit - 30pc Metric

site installation kit

The Site Installation Kit is created to combine an essential set of best-selling VersaDrive products to overcome all common site installation and steel erection hole making challenges.

Keeps the job moving when you find an unexpected challenge. Now in stock.

VersaDrive Rapid-Lock SDS+ Adapter

Versadrive Rapid-Lock Adapters are now available for SDS+ Shank, 1/4" Impact Drivers, 1/2" Impact Wrenches. All available from stock.

The Rapid-lock upgrade gives faster one-handed tool change and a heavy-duty design.

sds rapid lock adapter

VersaDrive Clutched Tapping System

clutched tapping adapter

The HMT VersaDrive Clutched tap collet system is a unique method of effectively threading blind holes.

One collet works with the range of Patented VersaDrive taps. When the tap comes to the bottom of the hole, the clutch system will engage and stop the tap from breaking.

VersaDrive HoleCutters

Previously known as CarbideMax Holesaws, the 101030 product range has been renamed for 2020 as VersaDrive Holecutters to make it clear this is a very different beast to a standard hole saw.

10X the life of a standard hole saw, the 101030 Holecutter can also be quickly adapted for use as a magnet broach cutter or a multisink broach cutter.


VersaDrive SuperLong HoleCutters

superlong holecutter

New SuperLong reach version of the popular VersaDrive HoleCutter.

Perfect for small diameter drilling through steelwork using a pistol drill where a separate extension isn't practical. The fixed pilot pin requires a pre-drilled 1/4" or 6.35mm hole.

VersaDrive Rebar Cutters

The HMT New 275mm long VersaDrive Rebar Cutter is designed for applications where concrete has a steel plate or rebar reinforced areas. See page 48 for sizes and more information

rebar cutter

RTQ40 Low Profile Magnet Drill

low profile magnet drill

The RTQ40 low profile magnet drill replaces the previous RTA40.

Lighter and lower than it's predecessor, this machine is only 180mm tall while still accepting Carbidemax broach cutters up to 40mm diameter and 40mm deep

VersaDrive Range of Magnet Drills

Much more than just a magnet drill.

The new and unique VersaDrive range of magnet drills is designed and built by the expert HMT team, in our Sheffield factory, to the highest standards. This range of portable drilling machines is like nothing else on the market.

magnet drills


CarbideMax ULTRA

On page 76 you will find new and improved details on our ULTRA coated Carbide Tools which are capable of providing a service life increase in excess of 9x longer than uncoated TCT tools.
See test results, comparisons and best practise advice.

carbidemax ultra


Multipack Program


NEW MULTIPACK PROGRAM: For 2020 HMT have implemented a Multipack programme to allow efficient handling, warehouse storage or counter display of our products in attractive external packaging. Items ordered in Multipack quantities apply for an additional 5% discount.


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